The Linum air conditioning system incorporates a breakthrough thermodynamic cycle which produces cooling or heating. The cycle can be powered by either solar thermal energy (in the form of heat) or electricity, or by both. The cycle provides cooling and heating with or without sun availability, for seamless, uninterrupted operation required by the user.

The Linum air conditioner is primarily targeted at large residential homes and small offices. These buildings usually have ample roof space to hold the solar collectors.

The air conditioner can be driven from standard off-the-shelf evacuated tube solar collectors, or from any other waste heat source, at medium temperatures (100 - 120°C). The use of standard evacuated tube flat panels turns installation of the solar collectors into a cost effective and straight forward process, done routinely worldwide.

In the house, the indoor unit is very similar to any standard air conditioning indoor unit. The user can select cooling or heating mode, the temperature setting and fan levels.

The Air conditioner control system continuously monitors the amount of solar heat available, adding electric power as needed, to satisfy the cooling requirement set by the user.